Thanks to Philadelphia’s beautiful urban landscape and the richness of the city’s history, a wedding in the heart of Philadelphia is a marvelous choice. Whether you’re looking for high-class venues, breezy outdoor locations or a grand outdoor wedding, there’s something in Philadelphia just for your wedding. If you choose to take advantage of the centuries of history this city has, you’ll have no problem finding historic churches, parks, venues and hotels for your ceremony and reception. On the other hand, Philadelphia offers countless opportunities for a beautiful urban wedding. From the beautiful sights around City Hall to some of the famous skyscrapers, Center City is a hotspot for Philadelphia weddings. With all of these options in front of you, it can be hard to make a choice. So we’ve devoted this article to help making this a little easier by outlining a few of the things that make Philadelphia so great for a wedding.

Reception and Ceremony Venues

You will find all sorts of elegant venues throughout the city for your wedding. Whether you’re looking for a traditional classy affair or if you had a more intimate night in mind, you can find just the venue your wedding requires. To utilize the colonial architecture in the city, look into the Glen Foerd Mansion. A three-story mansion filled with timeless artwork from artists such as Rembrandt and Van Gogh, the Glen Foerd Mansion offers history and elegance all at once. But if your wedding requires tradition, the historic Christ Church is a good choice. Built in 1685, this church is an exemplar of Georgian architecture. It was at one time the tallest building in the country and serves as the burial grounds for Ben Franklin. And finally, for an intimate wedding with a small guest list, the Mask and Wig Clubhouse has a perfect rustic ambiance. If you happen to be planning a destination wedding, be sure to view this resource on Denver Weddings to make the best possible choice for your location.

Outdoor Locations

Philadelphia is full of gorgeous outdoor locations for your wedding. While most weddings are held in spring, Philadelphia weddings in the fall are stunning. With the beautiful brown and red hues of the historic district and the ancient trees littered around town, not only will your wedding be beautiful, but you’ll have a gorgeous wedding album as well. Philadelphia is home to numerous parks and plazas to make for a great reception or photoshoot. Keep your eyes on the University of Pennsylvania campus. From the beautiful cobblestone walkways to the historic halls on campus, this is a great place to take some after-wedding pictures. But for your actual ceremony, there is a plethora of venues and wedding companies to take care of your needs. Andalusia is one of the most popular wedding venues in the city. A 200-year-old homestead, Andalusia offers beautiful gardens, tons of historic buildings and a winding river for photos or even for a backdrop to your ceremony.

While Philadelphia earns its place as a wedding hotspot thanks to the beauty of the city, what really makes it so great is the variety it offers. Go for an elegant wedding, a traditional wedding or a creative wedding, the options are endless for Philadelphia weddings.